The Facts on Fitness Myths

Whether you’re training for your next marathon or just trying to get into shape for the summer, a well-rounded fitness regimen isn’t going to work if you’re not well-informed. Even though lots of great information is out there, there are plenty of myths, half-truths, and outright inaccurate information surrounding fitness. Here are some of the facts on the biggest myths surrounding various aspects of fitness.


Stretching myths debunked

Let’s start where any strenuous physical activity begins: stretching. It’s universally known that before any run, ride, climb or workout, stretching is important. Even stretching on its own provides greater flexibility and range of motion. But there’s a lot of misguided opinions on how you should stretch and for how long. Greatist sets the record straight on which methods actually work.

The 12 Biggest Myths About Stretching |


Photo: Ryan Smith/Flickr

Photo: Ryan Smith/Flickr

From which surfaces are best to run on, to fueling up for a run, there’s no shortage of tips for getting the most out of your runs. Over the years, the science around running has improved tremendously, and some of those old running tips don’t hold as true as some once thought. Outside Magazine sheds some light on what works, and what should get left in the dust.

5 Running Myths Debunked | Outside Magazine

Exercise & Working Out

Working out myths

There’s lots of different options for exercising and gaining muscle from simple workouts at home, to hi-tech gym machinery. A simple YouTube search will feed back dozens fitness and bodybuilding gurus with their take on the best way to put on muscle or trim down fat. Taking a different angle, LifeHacker uses a scientific approach to find out which workout myths are true, which are false, and the science behind it all.

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science | LifeHacker


Hydration - Vitals

Everyone knows that to stay active and healthy, you have to stay hydrated. But how much water do you actually need to stay hydrated? And is water the best thing to drink for hydrating during and after activity? Vitals has everything you need to know about the science and common sense of hydration.

Four Myths About Hydration That Refuse To Die | Vitals


Photo: Scott Draper

Photo: Scott Draper

After a hard workout, hike, or race, it’s time to go into recovery mode. From ice baths to post-run beers, there are a ton of very different methods of bouncing back. Marc Pro, experts in the science of muscle recovery, help clear up which recovery methods will get you re-energized and ready for your next workout.

5 Myths About Workout Recovery Debunked by Science | Marc Pro


Fitness Injury Myths

Sooner or later, everyone gets injured on some level. The steps to recovery can be varied depending on the injury, but there are always some general practices and expectations that hold true across the board. Breaking Muscle (a fitting name for this topic) breaks down the commonly believed injury myths that will do more harm than help.

7 Injury Myths You Need to Stop Believing | Breaking Muscle

Bonus: Laird’s Laws

Photo: Peggy Sirota

Photo: Peggy Sirota

If you’re looking for some solid advice on where to start with fitness (and physical well-being in general), look no further than Laird Hamilton’s tips for treating your body like a truck.

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