Popticals FL2 Micro-Rail System

The Story of Popticals

There are times when innovation not only improves an idea or product, but creates a new category altogether. At Popticals®, the search for this kind of innovation is in our DNA. In everything we do, we don’t just try to improve the status quo or use fancy marketing terms to repackage old ideas, we aspire to invent something completely new. We took a wildly new approach to an old problem, and created something completely new with the very highest level of engineering and craftsmanship. Here’s our story:

Sunglasses Case

The problem: sports sunglasses are unportable

We saw a problem: sports sunglasses have no easy and safe way to be carried around when not in use. The cases they come with are way too big and without a case, they usually end up lost, damaged or broken.  As a result, many people only buy cheap glasses so that when they get crushed in a car seat or lost, it’s no big deal. Problem solved, right? Wrong. The truth is, there’s a huge difference between cheap, throwaway sunglasses, and high-performance sunglasses.

If you’re an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or just want to make sure your eyes are properly protected, sports sunglasses are a must. Cheap sunglasses often use darkly tinted plastic for lenses which don’t actually protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They’re not polarized, don’t have a proper wrap-around fit, and can easily shatter or crack. If you’re serious about doing what you love outside (or care about keeping your eyes safe), the “good enough” cheap sunglasses aren’t good enough. Our solution is a patented design that allows you to easily keep your premium sports sunglasses safe when you’re not using them.

Our founder and inventor David Porter is an innovator through and through. He holds multiple patents and has pioneered products (such as the FURminator) in other markets. He saw the problem of how unportable sports sunglasses were and create (and patented) the FL2 Micro-Rail System. This allows the lenses to slide together to fit inside our protective, pocket-friendly case.

Having high quality sports sunglasses with the peace of mind that you have a small, safe place to keep them is our “Eureka” moment. It’s the moment of true discovery that an explorer makes as he reaches the peak, the moment the engineer makes a breakthrough. We think Popticals will fundamentally change the way people think about and use sports sunglasses. Packing smarter and smaller lets you do what you love without your stuff getting in the way. We’re not trying to write another paragraph in the book of sunglasses. We’re publishing Volume II.

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