Sight Fishing Tips with Scott Suggs on Bass University

Sight Fishing Tips with FLW Pro Scott Suggs

FLW Angler Scott Suggs is a master of sight fishing. From years of fishing at the highest level of the sport, Suggs has the experience and insight into the best ways to improve sight fishing on every level. In his latest class session with The Bass University, the premiere learning destination for bass fishing, Suggs gets into the fine details that make him a pro at sight fishing, starting with his eyewear.

“When it comes to sight fishing—or just being on the water period— it doesn’t really matter if it’s pre-spawn, post-spawn, or during the spawn, my eyewear is one of the most important things. As is true with any fishing technique, sight fishing is a lot easier and a lot more productive with the right tools. And when it comes to catching bass you can see, the first and most obvious need is a great pair of optics. After all, you’re not sight fishing if you can’t see the fish!”

Besides having a great pair of sunglasses, Suggs stresses the importance of having multiple lens options for different water and lighting conditions:

“When I get to each lake, it doesn’t matter where it’s at in the country, the first thing I do is pick several things on the bottom of the lake and I start changing glasses. The one I put on that makes me go ‘boom there it is’, that’s the pair I wear for that day.”

Watch the first section of Scott Suggs’ class below and read more about his sunglasses of choice here.