Quick Fishing Tips with FLW Pro Angler Scott Suggs

When it comes to bass fishing, details make all the difference. Which line should I use? What’s the best setup on a chatterbait? Should I wear sunglasses with gray or brown lenses for fishing on overcast days?

We teamed up with FLW Pro Angler Scott Suggs to get some quick tips on how to become a better angler. In this video series, Suggs covers techniques, equipment, and seasonal fishing tips. Check back to the Popticals Facebook page and YouTube channel for more tips.

About Scott Suggs

A professional angler since 2004, Suggs currently competes on the FLW Tour circuit and in Major League Selects. With an outstanding career as a professional anger, he’s most well-known for making bass fishing history by becoming the sport’s first instant millionaire by winning the 2007 Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita. In 2015 he became the first Major League Select angler to win a Major League Cup. He has since had many successful tour seasons on the FLW, finishing 7th at the 2017 Forest Wood Cup.