Popticals® Sunglasses Partners with Mizzou Bass Fishing Team

St. Louis based sunglasses company Popticals has become the official sunglasses sponsor of the nationally-ranked Mizzou Bass Fishing Team. The innovative sunglasses hit the market last June and have been making an impact in the world of bass fishing on all levels. For Popticals, the Mizzou Bass Fishing Team was the perfect collegiate organization to partner with. “We wanted to get Popticals into the boats and on the faces of a college fishing team making a splash,” said Popticals President Scott Loudenback. “What better place to start than with Mizzou, a very talented team right in our own state competing at the highest level.”

Anglers on the team were immediately hooked on the concept and the performance of Popticals. “The polarization of Popticals is amazing, they have incredible clarity which has helped us find more fish and more underwater structure, putting more fish in the boat.” Said Mizzou Bass Fishing team president Tyler Beckerman. “Plus, we have a safe place to store them, so we don’t have to worry about our top anglers losing their good glasses halfway through a tournament.”

The compact design and NYDEF™ Nylon lenses manufactured for Popticals by Carl Zeiss Vision are already helping Mizzou in this year’s tournament season. The team started the year strong with Chandler Robertson and Austin Culbertson taking 8th at the BASS Midwest Conference Regional Lake of the Ozarks with a weight of 50 – 1, qualifying them for BASS nationals later this year. Popticals will continue to work with the Mizzou Bass Fishing team throughout the year to showcase the team’s success using the product.

For more information about Popticals, go to www.popticals.com.