New Compact & Innovative Gear at Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016

It’s no secret: we love compact, innovative gear. Every year, we walk the show floor of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Show in Salt Lake City searching for things we haven’t seen before. We love any gear that’s innovative, smartly designed, and focused on being portable (we also have a thing for lime green). Here’s what we found at this year’s OR Winter Market.


Minipresso Handheld Espresso Maker

If there’s one thing we love almost as much as portable gear, it’s a hot cup of coffee (or better yet, a shot of espresso). The Wacaco Minipresso brews delicious shots of espresso nearly as quickly as any other other methods, but does so without any batteries or power required. The built in hand pump is used to build up the necessary pressure for a properly brewed espresso. We sipped on the shot you see being poured above and enjoyed every drop.

Get brewing at wacaco.com

Pakems Compact Shoes

Pakems Packable Shoes

Shoes are not the most packable peices of gear out there and bringing an extra pair can be a huge waste of space. Pakems are lightweight footwear that compact down into a very slim and very packable size. These are the Popticals of the shoe world, and they come in green!

Pack ’em up at www.pakems.com

Fogo Adventure Gadget

Fogo Adventure Gadget

One of the keys to packing small is to bring gear that serves more than one function. The FOGO Adventure Gadget is the Swiss Army Knife of outdoor tech, providing over half-a-dozen electronic and emergency devices in one handheld package. Even if you just count some of the basic gear functions like GPS, flashlight and backup battery, the FOGO is sure to save you some pack space. Some of the more unexpected bells and whistles are emergency crash detection, text messaging, walkie-talkie, and waypoint navigation.

Get the gear at fogo.io

Platypus Meta Bottle

Platypus Meta Bottle

Small storage size? Check. Unique design and functionality? Check? Lime green? Now we’re talking. The new Platypus Meta Bottle collapses its silicone body up inside the lid for portability and has a unique filtering system to provide clean drinking water on the fly. The top section unscrews and allows you to “scoop up”  your water from its source, before reattaching the lid and drinking.

Available Spring 2016 on cascadedesigns.com/platypus

S.O.C.Pack Mule

SOC Pack Mule

When we heard there was a new backpack that was also a seat after days of standing and walking around the OR Show, we made it  a point to seek them out! The SOC Pack Mule is a simple idea that’s been well executed: build an attachment that makes your backpack a seat. The Pack Mule Frame System works with almost every pack, and doesn’t add as much bulk or weight as you’d expect. The Pack Mule is durable and can easily attaches for your sitting convenience.

Take a seat at sandpiperca.com

DexShell Waterproof Gloves

DexShell Waterproof Gloves

There are plenty of waterproof gloves out there, but none like this. When I tried on the glove in the photo above I asked “This thin glove isn’t waterproof though, right?” The man at the DexShell motioned to the tank of water and said “Completely waterproof.” Upon sticking my hand into the water, I could feel the cold water surrounding the glove, but my hand was completely dry. The gloves are incredibly light, breathable and flexible, yet (as the DexShell rep said) completely waterproof. DexShell makes a variety of hats, socks and gloves with their extremely innovative and patented design. They also have a “slash proof” glove that is resistant to blade cuts, as we found out during  a much more tense demonstration.

Stay dry at dexshell.com

Bonus: Mizu Shot Glass

Mizu Shot Glass

Although not an essential piece of gear, the Mizu Shot Glass does have a certain cool factor in its design. The stainless steel cup unfolds from the pocket-friendly cap to form a small 2oz shot glass, perfect for a nip of whiskey around the campfire.

Drink up at mizulife.com