This Year’s Most Innovative & Compact Travel Gear

The 2017 International Travel Goods Show was a home run for products that focus on innovative, lightweight, and compact design. Here at Popticals our motto is “Pack Small. Live Big.” because we know that you shouldn’t be hindered by bulky accessories. This is a list of the gear we found at The International Travel Goods Show that provide innovation in the area of durable portability.


When we first saw JETKIDS we knew that they would be perfect the traveling family. This Norwegian suitcase is making sure that your family will have a fewer problems to worry about while traveling. The innovative design of the suitcases allows them to be slept on, rode on, and checked as a carry on suitcase on a plane. The BedBox® is the world’s only portable inflight bed and ride-on suitcase that will surely reduce the discomfort of your children airborne.

 ORGO Travel Organizer

Popticals is always looking for the next innovation in portability. ORGO has that. The Michigan-native entrepreneurs travel out of necessity, but also pleasure. They are used to living out of suitcases and calling hotel rooms “home”. On one of these trips, the duo became inspired by their lack of counterspace. As a result, ORGO was born. ORGO is the smart little case that expands over a sink to provide more counterspace. Plus, sections inside are a perfect place to fit a pair of Popticals! ORGO is committed to finding innovative, Smart Solutions for Small Spaces.

Matador Droplet 

When we saw the Matador droplet, our jaws dropped. A bag that has a volume capacity of 3 liters, is water proof, and collapses down into a container smaller than your palm? We love it. Matador focuses on the consumer, creating and designing travel products with cutting edge design and material technology to develop the innovative products their customers expect.


X-tend Team is a global team based in San Francisco, with Research Departments in Gent, Dongguan, Bordeaux and Alençon. They are an unusual and eclectic team of inventors, entrepreneurs & designers with different backgrounds but with one common goal: they travel non-stop and want to make the perfect business carry-on that can get bigger for longer trips and keep laptops and other gadgets protected and charged. Xtend is the only suitcase you’ll ever need for your business trips.

Heys e-Motion Luggage

Emoticons in LOL, Rainbow, Love, KIss and Sunglasses styles make Heys Kids e-Motion Luggage fun for kids. The luggage has protruding inline skate wheels, which prevent dragging when being pulled by small children, and a kid-friendly 3.5lbs weight. At Popticals we believe that travel should always be light-hearted and enjoyable.  We think that Heys e-Motion Luggage agrees.


We at Popticals believe that you be as comfortable as possible on your longer flights. That’s why we were so amazed with Cloudz. Coil comfort is yours with Cloudz Cool Gel & Bamboo Micrebead Pillow, its comforlite ultra-premium microbeads and bamboo fabric cover that dissipate heat while cradling your head for restful slumber.


All travelers need sunglasses. The problem is that when you’re not wearing them, sunglasses don’t travel well. To quote Andrea Sachs from her piece in the Washington Post “And now, a moment of silence for all of those sunglasses that lost an arm or cracked a lens after you hastily stuffed them in a coat pocket or overpacked tote.” Popticals provide full wrap-around sunglasses that fit inside a tiny case thanks to the patented FL2 Micro-Rail system. The system allows one lens to slide behind the other for storage, like a sliding glass door – only these glass doors are NYDEF™ nylon lenses manufactured for Popticals by Carl Zeiss Vision. The nylon material makes the lenses significantly clearer than polycarbonate lenses found in other sunglasses, and around 20% lighter. The sunglasses took home the Buzz Award at the International Travel Goods Show after impressing media and retailers.