How to Find Great Fall Hikes + This Year’s Best #FallHike Photos

How to Find Great Fall Hikes

You may know some great hiking trails in your area, but do you know the best trails for seeing the colors of Fall and when the foliage is at its peak? We’re here to help you find the best Fall hikes near you. And if your area doesn’t have any great fall hiking trails or is past its peak season, we’ve got all the best #FallHike photos for your viewing pleasure.

Where and When to Hike: TWC Fall Foliage Map

It’s Autumn and the Weather Channel Fall Foliage map is back! The Weather Channel’s interactive map tracks Fall foliage in real time for most areas around the country, and is great for planning a weekend hiking trip.

Weather Channel Fall Foliage Map |
Fall Foliage Map | The Weather Channel


Washington Trails AssociationStay (and Search) Local Great Fall Hike

The very best Fall hiking destinations can be found through sites that focus on their own local area (as opposed to a national index). A quick web search for the state or county you’re hiking in and “fall hiking trails” will turn up great results of  locally maintained and accurate information. The Washington Trails Association is a great example if an in-depth local resource serving the Washington State area. They have everything from a trail finders to seasonal hiking guides and even a regularly updated trail of the week. If you’re lucky, your state or county will have a similar organization.

In the meantime, we’re very pleased to present the best #FallHike photos from around the web this year!