How to Find Great Fall Hikes & Our Favorite #FallHike Photos

Fall Foliage MapWhen and Where to Hike: Fall Foliage Maps

Although it’s a little late in the season, the crisp, cool air and beautiful colors of the trees make Fall one of the best times of year to go hiking. One great resource for knowing the perfect time and place for a Fall outing are Fall foliage maps. The map above gives a good general indication of where and when foliage is at its peak, but The Weather Channel provides one with a little more detail. Their live interactive map tracks Fall foliage for most areas around the country, and is great for planning a weekend hiking getaway.

Weather Channel Fall Foliage Map | weatherchannel.com
Fall Foliage Map | The Weather ChannelFall Foliage map via The Weather Channel.


Washington Trails AssociationLooking For a Great Fall Hike? Search Local.

When looking for seasonal hiking trails, we found the best way was to search local. A quick web search for the state or country you’re looking to hike in and “fall hiking trails” usually turns up great results of reliable, locally maintained information. One of our favorites was the Washington Trails Association, which had great hiking information resources, a trail finder, seasonal hiking guide and a regularly updated trail of the week. If you’re lucky, your home state will have a similarly run website. In the meantime, we’re going to start planning our trip to Washington!

Washington Trails Association | WTA.org

 Our Favorite #FallHike Photos

Fall hiking #fallhike

Even if Fall foliage has peaked in your area, you can still get your fix by checking out some of the amazing shots being posted under the #fallhike hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Here’s some of our favorites; happy hiking!