The Benefits of Brown Lenses

Less Tint, More Contrast

Brown tinted lenses offer possibly the best all-purpose everyday use when it comes to sunglasses. The main advantages of  brown lenses are higher contrast, better depth perception, and a lighter tint. The brown tint blocks out more blue light, resulting in crisp, high-contrast vision in a wide variety of light conditions. For bright and sunny days, the darker tint of gray lenses do a great job of blocking a majority of the light. But on days with changing weather where gray lenses can make things a bit too dark, brown lenses are the best choice for changing light conditions.

Clouds Out Browns Out

One of the best times to pop on a pair of brown lenses are on cloudy days. Overcast skies don’t always seem like sunglasses weather, it’s as important as ever to have UV protection. It’s the same reason people get the most badly sunburned on overcast days at the beach: although the direct light isn’t shining through, the harmful UV rays are. Brown lenses offer the same protection for your eyes as darker lenses, but with less tint making it easier to see in lower light than a gray lens.

Brown Lens Season is  Always In

No matter the season, brown lenses are an excellent choice as they provide the same UV protection even on the sunniest summer days . In situations with low or changing light conditions such as hiking through wooded trails with overhanging foliage or fishing in the shade under canopy, brown lenses should be your go-to option. Plus, brown lenses look great any time of year!

Keep Those Brown Beauties Scratch-Free

No matter how great your lenses are, they’re not so great when they’re all scratched up. Instead of putting your sunglasses on your head or letting them bounce around in your car, Popticals has found a way to keep your sunglasses from getting scratched and broken. How? A patented design that allows them to compact down and fit inside a small case.

Popticals PopStar Brown Lenses