The comfortable walking component of the boot sliding into the rigid open chassis

Featured Gear: Apex Ski Boots

David Porter in Popticals

David Porter admiring the view at Vail in his new Popticals.

Last week, Popticals inventor David Porter was skiing at the world renown Vail Ski Resort in Vail, Colorado. After the first two days of walking around in bulky ski boots, he spotted someone in a comfortable pair of boots strapping right into a chassis on their skis. An hour later, David was the proud owner of a pair of Apex Ski Boots.

Apex Ski Boots

At Popticals, we have a motto: Pack Small. Live Big. Any gear that shares this spirit for innovation and aspiration to make smarter equipment for bigger adventures is always worth taking a closer look at. Like Popticals, Apex Ski Boots solves a common problem with their traditional counterpart: ski boots are clunky, uncomfortable off the slopes, and inconvenient when not in use. Apex solved this problem by creating their own innovative, transforming snow boot that allows for comfort, convenience and performance.

Apex features a three part system:
  • Rigid Open Chassis
  • Walkable inner boot
  • EVA Heat Moldable Liner

Here’s some more detailed information on the Apex Ski Boot system from Apex:

By separating the fit & comfort of the walkable boot, from the stiffness and performance of the chassis you can achieve both comfort & performance with the same boot. The Apex boot takes advantage of the modern shaped ski by offering the lateral rigidity necessary for high performance skiing.
The Boa closure system used on the walkable boots wraps around the foot much more evenly without cutting off circulation. Traditional overlap plastic shell boots tend to clam down on the foot and cut off blood flow to the toes.
The Holy grail of skiing is a boot that has it all: Performance at the highest level in any terrain. Comfort & Warmth from start to finish. The ability to walk easily and safely. A boot that doesn’t limit your ski day, but actually enhances your experience.

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