6 Reasons Why People are Switching to Popticals Sunglasses

1. People are tired of breaking their sunglasses.

People scratch and break their sunglasses. A lot. In the United States alone, someone scratches or damages their sunglasses every 14 minutes (that’s 37,543 pairs per year). Anyone who’s owned a nice pair of sunglasses has a horror story of how they messed them up. People drop them off the top of their head or crush them in their pockets constantly. Popticals are here to change that.

The innovative design and compact case of Popticals

2. Their innovative design solves the biggest problem with sunglasses.

People don’t break their sunglasses because they don’t care about them. Sunglasses get damaged because there’s no easy place to keep them safe when they’re not being worn. Popticals use an innovative new design that allows the frames to fit inside a tough, pocket-sized case. The case is small enough to fit in a pocket or clip on to a backpack so you always have a safe and convenient place to keep your shades. Problem solved. *mic drop*


3. Their nylon lenses are a game changer.

Popticals NYDEF nylon lenses in blue mirror

More and more people are realizing that when you’re doing things outdoors, optics matter. Seeing details of the terrain while you’re mountain biking, spotting fish below the water’s surface, and enjoying an epic view at the end of a hike are all dependent on the lenses you’re looking through. Most sunglass lenses are polycarbonate: lightweight and just okay in clarity. Glass lenses are a step up, but also very heavy and sustainable to shattering (ouch). Popticals use a NYDEF® nylon lens that’s as clear as glass, but a fraction of the weight. Switching to NYDEF lenses from polycarbonate is like swapping out a VHS tape for a Blu-ray DVD. Yes, it’s that much clearer.

FLW Champion Scott Suggs reeling in a good catch wearing Popticals

4. Pros love them.

From FLW Bass Fishing Champion Scott Suggs to world-renowned climber and coach Marcus Garcia, outdoor pros are choosing Popticals. Between points 2 and 3 (incredible lenses and a unique design to keep them scratch-free) Popticals give people who spend the most time outdoors a better pair of sunglasses.


5. They’re making headlines

“These high-performance eyewear is a vision in ingenuity.” -USA TODAY

Popticals VP of Sales John Swanson talking on The Golf Channel

“You’ll never have to fumble for a sunglasses case again.” -Men’s Journal
“Ingenious design.” -Los Angeles Times
Best running sunglasses by Digital Trends, best adventure travel gear by Backpacker Magazine, the list goes on and on.


6. You’re ready for something new

Photo via @mountaingamesvail

Sunglasses have stayed pretty much the same for a long time. The same problems, the same performance. Popticals are the here to change the way you think about and use your sunglasses, allowing you to take incredible optics with you anywhere. And if you’ve made it this far in our list, you probably agree.