5 Outdoor Gifts for Packing Small & Living Big

Every outdoor enthusiast has a long list of gear on their wish list for the holidays. When it comes to picking out the perfect outdoor gifts, we stick to our “Pack Small. Live Big.” mentality. Packing small and living big isn’t just about having the smallest gear you can find. It’s about putting emphasis on the quality of the essential equipment that you carry, and choosing designs that innovate or are made to be as portable as possible. Here’s some of what we’re sticking under the tree this year.

OXX Coffeeboxx

oxx coffeeboxx

We’ve covered the “world’s toughest coffee maker,” but we can’t get enough of the OXX Coffeeboxx (just look at that color). It’s rugged enough to be taken anywhere and is designed with portability in mind. A sturdy handle, retractable power cord and removable water tank let you take it anywhere. As long as you have a power outlet handy and a K-Cup, you can make a great cup of coffee.

Available at oxx.com


Popticals Sunglasses Popart

Sports sunglasses are a must for doing anything outside. The problem is, wrap-around sunglasses are bulky when they’re not being worn and end up scratched or damage from unsafe storage (we’re looking at you, guy wearing sunglasses on his head). Popticals solves this problem with a very clever (and patented) design that allows the lenses to “spoon” together to fit inside a pocket-sized but incredibly durable storage case. The sunglasses come equipped with Ny-def nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision (arguably the best optics company in the world) which offer 20% better clarity than widely-used polycarbonate lenses. Every pair of Popticals is handcrafted in Italy for a signature style and premium quality that every outdoor enthusiast will enjoy.

Available at popticals.com

Bonus: Use the code ‘holiday50‘ to save $50 on any pair of Popticals!

Brompton Bicycle

Brompton Bicycle

Brompton is the fordable bike that goes anywhere. The unique was originally patented in 1979, and over years of constant improvement is widely considered the best folding bike design in the world. Brompton bikes come in a variety of models and colors, but they all feature the signature ability to fold up into a small size that can be carried by hand or stored in even the smallest of dwellings. Perfect for city commuters, casual riders, or anyone who loves getting around on two wheels, this is the #1 bike that we’d like to see under the tree.

Available at brompton.com

DJI Mavik

DJI Mavik Portable Drone

In the ever-growing field of drones, it’s hard to think of a brand that’s more well-recognized than DJI. We’ve been using a Phantom 3 for a few years for several of our event videos and love everything about it. DJI has recently come out with a new truly portable drone, the Mavik. The familiar quad-copter design folds down to a storage size of about 3.25″ x 3.5″ x 8″ which can easily fit inside a backpack with room to spare. It shoots in 4k, can fly up to 7km, has a flying time of about 27 min per battery, and is perfect for the tech-savvy adventurer.

Available at DJI.com

HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

The HYDAWAY is one of the most portable (and cleverly designed) water bottles around. The top and bottom sections are made from food-grade silicone and collapse like an accordion for a storage size of just 1.25″. When expanded the small bottle holds a surprising 21 oz, and also comes in a smaller, 12oz version. The cap features a small handle for carrying and can easily be attached to a carabiner clip for storage on your backpack. If you’re trying to save space, this is the water bottle you need.

Available at hydawaybottle.com