5 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Sunglasses

Vision Council

Summer is officially here and it’s sunglasses season! Sunglasses are essential gear for doing anything outdoors, especially during the sunny months of summer, so we’re giving you 5 interesting facts that you probably didn’t already know about sunglasses.

1. Your eyes can get sunburned, even on cloudy days

Just like your skin, your eyes can be burned by the sun’s UV rays. And just like getting a sunburn on an overcast beach day, your eyes are still susceptible to damage even when there’s no sunshine in sight. It’s because the harmful but unseen UV rays, or ultra-violet light, still passes through cloud cover, posing an invisible threat to your retinas.

2. Only 1 in every 3 adults wear sunglasses

Despite the facts that nearly everyone knows you should wear sunglasses outside, most people in the United States don’t. In fact 75% of Americans are concerned about UV eye exposure, yet only 31% wear sunglasses when they go outside.

3. Every 14 minutes, someone in the United States loses, scratches or breaks their sunglasses

Many of us are notoriously reckless with our sunglasses. We keep them on our heads, hang them from our shirts, or jammed in our pockets because there’s no safe place to keep them while not wearing them. The result? 37,543 pairs of scratched, busted, and lost sunglasses every year, or about 1 pair every 14 minutes. (source)

4. There are sunglasses designed to not get scratched & broken, and they’re called Popticals

To solve the problem of sunglasses getting scratched and broken when not being worn (like in most of the 37000 instances mentioned above), Popticals created a new technology made to keep their sunglasses safe in a small, protective case. The unique and patented FL2 Micro-Rail system allows the lenses to slide inward so the glasses can be stored in a portable case that easily fits in a pocket or a pack, but is tough enough to take some serious hits. See them in action in the video below.

5. National Sunglasses Day is June 27

The Vision Council, an organization formed to champion better vision for better lives, created National Sunglasses Day in order to spread awareness on the importance of sunglasses and to celebrate everyone’s favorite stylish eyewear. Every June 27, people National Sunglasses Day is held on June 27 where people all over the country post sunglasses selfies and learn about how to protect their eyes from UV rays in blog posts just like this one! Hope you enjoyed our sunglasses facts and Happy Sunglasses Day!