Still from Sherpas Cinema's "Chimera"

10 Amazing Ski Videos to Get You Pumped for the Slopes

Welcome to the Team Adam Delorme

If you’re a fan of smooth, slow-mo ski footage, than this is the video for you. Faction Skis welcomes Adam Delorme to their team with this stylish and fun clip. And if you didn’t get enough slow-mo, here’s another one for you.

This is Skiing HD Complilation

This compilation video of HD clips is one of the best we’ve seen and one of the most popular on YouTube with around half a million views. Get ready for four and a half minutes of jumps, adrenaline, and beautiful slow-mo shots.

Nine Queens 2014 Highlights

In the latest installment of the The Nine Queens event, the best women skiers welcome the women of snowboarding to the course for the first time! If you’ve heard of this event before, this year’s is a must-see.



This one is definitely a departure from the normal GoPro videos you see online. A young group of skiers, cameramen and filmmakers venture to ski where possibly no man has skied before: the urban wastes of Detroit. The video has some NSFW language, but we had to include it in our list.

Real SkiFi Episode 10

If urban skiing is your thing (until recently, we didn’t even realize it was a thing), then Real SkiFi is who you need to be watching. SkiFi is a rag-tag group of ambitious and passionate young skiers from Finland that regularly post “urban skiing webisodes”. After seeing a few episodes you’ll be craving more and asking yourself, “did they really just do that?”

GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud

Straight from the GoPro YouTube channel, this video is the definition of don’t-try-this-at-home (although we’d probably take this over skiing in Detroit). Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude not only ski off the edge of a cliff, but do so to avoid the avalanche that they start in the beginning of the video. Sit on the edge of your seat and enjoy.

…one of those days…DEEP powder skiing in Austria

This was featured as GoPro’s video of the day on Twitter last Friday and it’s not hard to see why. Photographer, videographer, and outdoor enthusiast Christoph Oberschneider puts together a breathtaking and ethereal video of skiing in amazing conditions. Check out his Facebook page for some stunning photos and his YouTube channel for more skiing and biking videos.

Salomon Freeski TV – Not Another GoPro Edit

According to this video’s description, a new GoPro video is uploaded to the internet every 3.57 seconds. With professional level skiing, unique camera angles and awesome transitions, this video is definitely not just another GoPro edit. Produced by Switchback Entertainment, makers of the 2014 Powder Award winner for Best Short film, Super Mom.

Days of My Youth

To close out our list, we bring you the trailer for Days of My Youth by MSP Films. Stylish and inspiring, this video will not only make you want to see the film when it’s released, but it will take restraint not to call out of work and sprint to the slopes. We discovered this video on, so swing by their site for more great ski photos and videos.